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3 premium Thai dessert shops in Bangkok

Jul 31, 2019

3 premium Thai dessert shops in Bangkok

Jul 31, 2019

Normally, when you want to buy Thai desserts, you go to a market, a convenience store or a supermarket. But the taste will vary greatly, depending on the ingredients used and care taken in their preparation. 

Fortunately, traditional Thai sweets and desserts have been experiencing a comeback in the last couple of years, which has encouraged some chic cafés to start offering traditional Thai desserts once more. These cafes are often tastefully decorated and luxurious, making for an irresistible experience for those with a sweet tooth!


Cher Cheeva (Iconsiam)
Old-time Thai Dessert Cafe in a Luxurious Mall.

After the Cher Cheeva branch at the Elephant Head Bridge received such a good response, this famous Thai dessert cafe opened a new branch on the Thonburi side of the river, on the fourth floor of the Iconcraft zone. You will notice various colourful flowers on the central bar counter in the middle of the space, which looks really neat alongside the Thai style wood and wickerwork furniture.

The most popular Thai tea and desserts set is called Yama, a name that derives from the word for the third level of heaven in Buddhist cosmology and a reference to how beautiful this tea and dessert set is. The selection consists of Thongyip Thongyod, Foythong, Thong Ek, Sane Chan, Cha Mongkut, Aa-Lua, Luk-Choop, Ta-koh, Kanom Kluay, Tuay-foo and Kanom Chan, all arranged in a miniature wooden cabinet with doors that can be opened. This is served with a pot full of flower tea made from a mixture of roses, peonies and carnations for 2 persons.

Cher Cheeva's cool drink selection emphasises different types of flowers. Busaba, or ‘Summer in the Garden’, is a combination of sweet and sour fruit juice poured over seasonal fruits such as mangoes, cherries and strawberries. The glass is decorated with colorful petals. The next drink is called Sattabonggot, or ‘Taste of Thai’. It is a light pink drink extracted from lotus flowers. This sweet and fragrant drink is served with dry ice, to create the perfect mist effect.


Cher Cheeva ( at Iconsiam)
4th Floor, Iconcraft Zone. Opening hours 10am to 10pm


A dessert cafe that offers workshops.

This is a small Thai dessert place, located in a shophouse on Tanao Road, slightly opposite Khao San Road. Besides being a cozy cafe selling drinks and Thai desserts that are difficult to find, it offers a space for organizing Thai dessert activities and workshops.

Inside the glass cabinets, familiar Thai desserts, such as Khanom Tom, Kliib Lamduan, Khanom Niaw Piak Poon and Khanom Tuay, are lined up. They are displayed in original and inventive ways that are sure to grab your attention and fire your appetite: Khanom Tuay has coconut milk on the top, Sankhaya looks like a fried egg, and Khanom Niow are on skewers, like Japanese Dango.

Rarer Thai desserts, including Thong-ek, Sampannee, and Bulan Danmek, are there for you to taste, as well as workshops where you can learn how to make them.

Located on Tanao Road, near the end of Khao San Road.

Tel. 06 3541 4964

Thai desserts and tea in ​​Ari

Ari is one of the up and coming, hip shopping areas in Bangkok. V’lacha is famous for its afternoon tea, offering an experience of tea culture from other countries. 40 types of quality tea of various scents have been carefully selected. Apart from that, a variety of Thai desserts that complement the original flavours is also offered. 

Amid all these unique combinations of afternoon tea and Thai desserts, one is sure to keep you feeling sweet throughout the day: the set of the day, which consists of a specially selected premium tea for 2 people, as well as beautifully presented Thai desserts such as Thongyip Thongyod, Foy Thong, Med Khanun, Thong Ek, Sane Chan, Luk Choop, Cha Mongkut, Khao Tu, Alua, Kliib Lamduan, Tako ( These may vary depending on the day). This set comes with a snack set which includes Pan sib, shredded pork with chilli paste and coconut milk ice cream. If you haven’t had a meal before coming here, you don’t need to worry about not being full.

In addition to the Thai dessert menu with tea set, there is also a soft bread set which is served with a variety of colourful custard dips, perfect to enjoy together with the tea or sweets.

There are also many Thai iced desserts to choose from, including Tabtim Krob from an old-time recipe, banana in syrup, coconut milk ice cream, Lodchong served with aromatic coconut milk, grass jelly dessert, etc.

Soi Ari1 (BTS Ari Station, exit 3),
call 06-3087-8888





Icons made by Gregor Cresnar from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY