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Buddha & Pals: Discovering the magic of time along the canal

Photographs: Chayawat Manasiri
Aug 27, 2019

Buddha & Pals: Discovering the magic of time along the canal

Photographs: Chayawat Manasiri
Aug 27, 2019

Buddha & Pals: Discovering the Magic of Time along the Padung Krungkasem Canal

There are some charming restaurants, cafes and bars tucked away in the old city of Bangkok. For instance, within the Nang Leang market district, overlooking the Padung Krungkasem Canal, there is a small café called "Buddha & Pals". A contemporary styled café, it stands out among the beautiful, old canal-side houses.

Six adjoining shop houses, over 80 years old, have been knocked together to create the space for Buddha & Pals at the front. The rear of the space houses a chic little hotel with a bright red door and a sign above that reads “KANVELA HOUSE.  (Kanvela means time in Thai)


In former times, a factory producing liniment for Thai boxers to help ease muscle pains occupied these shop houses. The factory has relocated and its products are still popular and sold in pharmacies and convenience stores to this day. 


Buddha & Pals cafe is open to hotel guests and the general public to soak up the atmosphere of the place and taste their food.

Buddha & Pals is not far from the Wat Somanas Rajavaravihara temple, which lends a peaceful and wholesome air to the community around it, so the café is a great place for good friends to meet up. The decoration is vintage style, and an effort has been made to keep as much as possible of the original building. There are also antiques and chandeliers, which look even more enticing when touched by the dusky, warm sunlight coming through the windows in the front of the cafe. The interior décor and furniture have been carefully chosen to give off a rustic vibe, and jazz music playing in the background will make guests feel nostalgic and easily forget the modern city just a stone’s throw away. 

For those that do not wish to dine, the cafe has a wide variety of tea, coffee and cakes to choose from. Try ordering “Kanvela59”, an Americano with honey and lemon, or “Adam and Eve”, a coffee mixed with apple juice. Other drinks include “Kyoto Matcha Latte” and “Hot Chocolate”. Visitors may want to cool down by trying one of the “Summer Cool” set of drinks, such as “Blue Cosmo”, a drink with curaçao and lemon (or with coffee, if you prefer) or “Salty Swaizzie”, a drink with watermelon, lemon juice and vodka.

For those who are hungry enough for a full meal, there are many delicious Western dishes to choose from, including spaghetti seafood, spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce, white sea bass fillet steak, and grilled salmon with avocado and tomato salsa, as well as various types of salads


Krung Kasem Road (near Wat Somanas Rajavaravihara), Pom Prap Sattru Phai District, Bangkok
Open daily from 9.00am to 8pm.
Tel. 06-1585-9283



Icons made by Gregor Cresnar from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY