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Cane Crush

A new restaurant & cocktail bar at Chalong Bay Distillery

Nov 18, 2019

Cane Crush

A new restaurant & cocktail bar at Chalong Bay Distillery
Nov 18, 2019

Cane Crush restaurant & cocktail bar opened at Chalong Bay Distillery 

Chalong Bay Distillery introduces Cane Crush Bay Bar & Restaurant at Chalong Bay, attracting foodies and cocktail lovers - a must-visit in Phuket !

Chalong Bay Distillery was originally known as the creator of an original handcrafted rum using sustainable production methods that combine the traditional French art of distillation with the rich sugarcane heritage of Thailand. Using a traditional copper still imported from France and a centuries-old distillation process, Chalong Bay's innovative craftsmanship has produced rum of incredible character, originality and smoothness, giving full expression to the 100% natural Thai sugarcane it uses.

The name Chalong, which means 'celebration' in Thai, captures the real essence of Chalong Bay, which celebrates its authentic traditions of rum making as well as the rich mix of heritage, culture and people that are involved in producing the award-winning, natural rum.

Now visitors can visit the new Bar & Restaurant, a beautiful garden eatery which takes its name from one of its most popular cocktails which encapsulates the heart of all Chalong Bay expressions –using first-press cane juice from 100% natural, single variety Thai sugarcane.

Diners can discover new and enticing flavour combinations as they explore the Asian inspired cuisine in the relaxing comfort of the sugarcane garden.

Their unique food and cocktail pairing menu has been carefully crafted by the talented head mixologist and Cordon Bleu alumni chef, using international award-winning rum and fresh, local ingredients.


Furthermore , the restaurant also provides a Cocktail Workshop where guests can join the innovative and talented house mixologists and learn how to mix, stir and shake three delicious cocktails. Afterwards, they are invited to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of their labours while snacking on a selection of tapas created by the talented Cordon Bleu chef.

What’s more, there’s a Salsa Dance class on Thursday nights, from 7-8pm. Try a glass of rum and get into the Latin rhythm - stick around and enjoy the night!

  • Restaurants and Bar Open every day from 11am to 11pm.
  • Private workshops also available upon booking.




Icons made by Gregor Cresnar from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY