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nahm: A Thai restaurant with Michelin star for two years running

Feb 07, 2019

nahm: A Thai restaurant with Michelin star for two years running

Feb 07, 2019 · 24 Views

nahm takes its name from the Thai word for water, one of the essential elements for life. The restaurant is inside COMO Metropolitan Bangkok Hotel and opened its doors in September 2010 under the guidance of Australian Chef David Thompson. He is a true admirer of Thai cuisine and his Thai restaurant of the same name in London was also awarded a Michelin star.

namh has received international acclaim; it was placed 28th in the World's 50 Best Restaurants 2017 and 5th in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019, organized by San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna.

In 2017, when Michelin published its first Michelin guide to Bangkok’s culinary scene, Nahm was among the restaurants that were awarded one Michelin star. What is more exciting is that in the following year nahm maintained its status as a Michelin star restaurant, even with a new chef.

At present nahm is headed by Chef Pim Techamuanvivit, who led Kin Khao, her first restaurant in San Francisco to win a Michelin star. Christina Ong, the owner of COMO hotels and resorts, approached her personally to offer her the position at nahm. Chef Pim accepted the offer and led nahm to earn a Michelin star award for its second successive year.

Chef Pim wants to continue the philosophy of nahm restaurant: to maintain the character of authentic Thai cuisine while adding a new character to the restaurant with her personal style and flavours.  She also wants to support artisan food producers so that they can pass on their knowledge of cultivation techniques and ensure the survival of their remarkable produce for future generations, such as Surin’s Jasmine rice and Suphanburi’s green rice. The restaurant has already contacted twenty families to arrange their rice cultivation times so that their produce may be available all year round. This practice ensures that the farmers have a reliable income. Nahm also uses locally produced fish sauce, rather than commercial brands, and pork from an organic farm.

Each dish on the menu is hardly changed from the original recipe; some recipes are from ancient cookbooks, while others are from Chef Pim’s family recipes, such as kanom jeen nam prik, a central region dish comprised of fresh rice noodles and a sharp curry sauce, served with a variety of accompanying nibbles: winged beans, sliced banana blossom, deep-fried prawns and deep-fried lep krut leaves. Kanom jeen nam prik is Chef Pim’s favourite dish since it is usually prepared when her family members come to have a meal together.

Recommended dishes at nahm are nua phad pirote or “angry beef” (stir-fried wagyu beef with young coconut shoots, basil and green peppercorns); stir-fried river prawns with chakram (seablite); Chiang Mai style spicy, minced Guinea fowl and lamb mussamun curry. Every dish is seasoned in typical Thai flavours - sharp and not too rich.

Remember to try the unusual dessert khanom intanin. A firm and chewy green jelly prepared from tapioca starch and pandan leaves is served in smoked coconut milk. It is the perfect dessert to round off your memorable dinner.

nahm’s dedication to making sure its patrons experience true Thai cuisine finds expression in the way the dishes are served. Dinner starts with appetizers such as savoury khanom bueng boran and miang kham, to stimulate the appetite before all the main courses are served at the same time. This is the way Thai people have their meals – it’s all about sharing and plentifulness.

The interior of the restaurant is designed by the famous Japanese architect Koichiro Ikebuchi. He uses honey-colored light, wooden lattice screens and brick columns to give a comfortable, grand and contemporary atmosphere to the restaurant, with orchids decorating the dining tables.

Opening times:

Lunch - (Mon – Fri) 12 to 2.00 pm

Dinner – every day, 6.30 pm – 10.15 pm

Reservations: 0-2625-3388 or email: nahm.met.bkk@comohotels.com   






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