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Supanniga Cruise: An exclusive Thai dinner cruise

Mar 19, 2019

Supanniga Cruise: An exclusive Thai dinner cruise

Mar 19, 2019

An Exclusive Thai Dinner Cruise along the Chao Phraya River 


Supanniga offers its passengers a whole new perspective on Bangkok’s ‘River of Kings’ and nearby landmarks. There are three exciting options: the Evening Cocktail Cruise, the Evening Champagne Taittinger Cruise and Dinner Champagne Taittinger aboard a brand new, 40-seat cruise boat with traditional Thai decoration. The vessel is painted in yellow, the colour of the Supanniga flower, which is both the restaurant’s name and symbol.


The Evening Cocktail Cruise allows you to sip special cocktails while taking in the grand sunset view of the river banks. Cocktails are created by Vesper, the famous Bangkok bar. A recommended cocktail is Tubtim Siam, a combination of Thai rum, fresh pomegranate juice, grapefruit juice, lime and syrup. Another favourite is Mekhong Tropic, a mixture of rum, lychee juice, lime juice and red wine.

The signature Afternoon Tea comprises traditional fish dumplings, Thai tea panna cotta, glazed butterfly pea in coconut and steamed sweet potato, pumpkin and banana cakes, served with Jai Yen Yen iced tea by TE. Those who opt for the champagne cruise can enjoy a selection of regional appetizers, such as fried chicken wings, fried Vietnamese sausages and fried Isan sausages, or have them all on a combination appetizer platter.

The exclusive dinner starts with the Welcome Drink and Amuse Bouche, which is a traditional steamed dumpling in the shape of a supanniga flower, with minced fish filling. This is followed by an appetizer of Ma Hor, minced pork stir fried with garlic and peanuts and served on fresh orange; Kratong Tong, a spicy minced chicken salad served in a crispy cup and Yum Gaysorn Bua, which is a spicy salad of lotus flowers, prawn and minced pork. The soup is the delightful Tom Kha Pla Kapong Mapraow-Orn - sea bass in mildly spiced coconut soup with young coconut meat.

Served in Thai traditional style, the main course dishes are Moo Chamuang: chunks of tender pork  stewed with thai herbs, Lhon Pla Sala Hom: premium salted trevally fish from Trad cooked with shrimps and pork in coconut milk and accompanied by fried beef jerky, fresh vegetables and lotus stems, “Son In Law” Eggs: fried medium-boiled eggs, served with a three-flavour sauce and fried shallots), Choo Chi Goong: jumbo prawns sauteed in Thai sweet and spicy curry, and Pu Jah: a seasoned blend of crabmeat and pork, steamed in crab shells.

End the dinner cruise memorably with a classic dessert of Mango and Sticky Rice: the sweetest golden mango is served with thick coconut milk and roasted beans. Hot organic tea is served as the authentic accompaniment to this famousThai dessert.


Make a reservation via http://www.supannigacruise.com

Tel. 02 714 7608 / 097 238 8284

Evening Cocktail Cruise : On weekdays, at 4.15pm from Supanniga Eating Room Ta Tien and at 4.45pm from River City Pier.

Evening Champagne Taittinger Cruise : On weekends, meet at 4.15pm at Supanniga Eating Room Ta Tien and 4.45pm at River City Pier.

Dinner Champagne Taittinger : From Monday to Saturday, at 8.15pm from River City Pier.


Icons made by Gregor Cresnar from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY