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What's on in Bangkok

Oct 11, 2019

What's on in Bangkok

Oct 11, 2019

Find out what's on in Bangkok this month

On the Horizon : the Journey of the Queen

By: Pishnu Supanimit

The exhibition "On the Horizon: the Journey of the Queen” by Pishnu Supanimit presents woodcuts and silkscreen prints inspired by the loyalty and love for His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great and Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, the Queen Mother. The artist applies religious places and famous tourist attractions that the monarchs visited, or other important places with royal connotations. The works are a combination of nature, architecture and the significance of each place, with beautiful and calm elements.

​Date : September 26 - October 27, 2019

Venue :ARDEL Gallery of Modern Art (Boromrachachonnanee Road)


Bangkok Persian Carpet Exhibition 2019


This event is to exhibit and sell rare and collectible Persian carpets themed by Persian Carpet and Your Lifestyle. Each exhibition room has been transformed to resemble tasteful home spaces, to display more than 30 Persian carpets in daily living surroundings.


Discover a 100% fine wool carpet from the Amoghli family, who designed and produced carpets exclusively for the Iranian Royal Palaces. Aged almost a century, the one selected for this exhibition is a legend from the palace, valued at over 10 million baht. Furthermore, there is a room narrating the interesting history of the connection between Persian carpets and Thai silks through the ages, and there will be a showcase of exquisite Persian carpets beside a classic 19th Century grand piano. It was custom-made by Steinway and Sons in Thailand, and is worth 10 million baht.

Venue : 3rd floor, River City Bangkok

Date : October 17 to November 24


The Ghost War

By: Rohini Devasher and Sung Tieu

The Ghost War brings together video, print and sound works by Rohini Devasher and Sung Tieu. How have the infrastructures of war in the 20th Century produced the contours of the worlds we inhabit today? And how do these layered histories of war continue to haunt geographies and landscapes? The show engages with the particular position of Thailand in Southeast Asia, especially during the Cold War, and the pivotal role it played during the American War in Vietnam.

Vietnamese-German artist Sung Tieu’s work unpacks often-ignored histories of the War in Vietnam, layering personal narratives, archival material and poetic interjections. In ‘The Ghost War’, she engages with the history of the PSYOPS’s ‘Operation Wandering Ghost’, where sound was used as a tool of warfare against the Viet Cong. The CIA, who used the Ramasum Complex in Udon Thani as their base, developed a haunting soundtrack which was blasted into the forest by US soldiers in an attempt to force the Viet Cong to surrender. Through sound and video installations, Sung Tieu appropriates this form, and attempts to unpack the capacity of sound to alter and to haunt landscape, and the long-term effects of war on communities.

Speculating further on this relationship between landscapes and war is the work of Rohini Devasher, which looks into the construction of scientific discourses, often focusing on Deep Time and the climactic. In this exhibition, she presents a work of speculative fiction entitled ‘Shivering Sands’ and an associated series of prints. Beginning from the ruins of forts on the UK coast built during WW II, Devasher uses this peculiar geography to unpack the layers of time haunting these strange ruins. She intersperses the video with a text by Laura Raicovich on the land artist Walter de Maria’s ‘Lightning Fields’, poetically weaving the two contexts together, and imaging a larger history of the masculinist reshapings of landscapes, and their long durée effects.

The Ghost War invites the viewer to re-imagine the frameworks through which we have hitherto understood the histories of war in the region, unwrapping specific histories, and their latent effects, and through this to begin to imagine their relationship to cosmic and other scales of time.

Venue : At WTF Gallery Bangkok (www.wtfbangkok.com)
Date : 25 Sep - 23 Oct 2019


"Living Cemetery" Solo Exhibition

By: Prang Vejjajiva

This series of paintings was created to express the artist’s feelings and thoughts, which were poisoned both physically and mentally. They were collected unintentionally when the artist worked more than two day jobs to make a living. She considered this as a major source of social anxiety because the jobs required interaction with toxic people every day. She met these people at workplaces and parties which made her feel exhausted, wasting a lot of energy and time without accomplishing anything.

The artist became a salary person, working to survive. However, the workload and the negative energy that came from the people she mixed with killed creativity, productivity, and artistic identity. She feels that society does not accept or respect differences, under appreciates artistic talent and effort, and fails to understand a person’s struggles. Assigned work often does not match a person’s talents and interests, and jobs are done not for oneself but for others. Being employed is believed to be the centre of a settled and peaceful life, which is a lie. Instead, it causes severe injury and brings one closer to death.

The artist conveys feelings and thoughts through her art. The use of brushstrokes and some visual elements that remind us of autumn, and cats, portray the artist’s personality, the same and yet different from her previous series. The cats eyes make them appear possessed by a demon, as happens when you use flash to take photos of cats at night. Contrastingly, some of the artworks contain positive energy from the artist when she was still alive. These paintings bring a good impression of the atmosphere of autumn – cold outside but warm within.

Venue : 10 ml.Cafe and Gallery

Date :October 5th – 30th 2019



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