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For the love of food

Words: Bella Luna
Jul 08, 2019

For the love of food

Word: Bella Luna
Jul 08, 2019

Thai food is taking the world by storm and designers are keeping up the pace

Pinto Term Boon
The tiffin food carrier, known by Thais as ‘pinto’, was widely used by the Siamese people for ease of carrying food during their travels. The more elaborately-designed tiffin carriers were also popular, especially these blue-and-white carriers emblazoned with dragon designs. The same pattern is also available on the ‘chian maak’ set which pays tribute to the dying custom of betel-chewing

IG: pintotermboon 

My Moon
Committed to producing high-quality items made from wicker, these picnic hampers that also come with a twist of Thai is the perfect accompaniment to any outdoor adventure or an intimate picnic for two.


If you can’t get enough of Thai condiments, you can now carry them around with you wherever you go. These keychains come in the material form of the ubiquitous kitchen ingredients including salt, soy sauce and pepper.

IG: kakkatoon

Thai Heritage
The ubiquitous ‘faa chee’ or mesh food cover enjoys a rebirth in the contemporary world while maintaining its original form. Refreshingly inventive, it’s the perfect accessory that belongs in any kitchen.



Icons made by Gregor Cresnar from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY