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Fun Outdoor activities in New Zealand

Oct 09, 2019

Fun Outdoor activities in New Zealand

Oct 09, 2019

Fun Outdoor activities in New Zealand 

Thanks to the many challenging outdoor activities it offers, New Zealand is a dream destination for adventurous travellers. But this amazing country has plenty of more relaxing ways to enjoy the great outdoors , activities ideal for family members of all ages.


Drive around the South Island to enjoy the marvelous scenery

The famous movies The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit showcased to international audiences the fantastic panoramas of New Zealand’s South Island. Of course, though, the screen cannot truly do justice to the experience of being there, driving through the landscapes of this southern island, on what many regard as one of the world’s most beautiful driving routes.


There are many routes to choose from: some are as short as a few days, while others will take two weeks or more to complete. The most popular route begins in the city of Christchurch; a rich, old city with the English heritage of its founders. The atmosphere, architecture and way of life are similar to those of a European town. From Christchurch, drive south towards Queenstown and end the trip at Mt. Cook.

The charm of driving around the South Island comes from the stopovers in the interesting towns along the way, and in the beautiful lakes, forests, waterfalls and farming areas that lie between them. For example, Akaroa, a small town by the sea not far from Christchurch, feels like a seaside town on the French Riviera, the lake at Wanaka is famously beautiful, and movie enthusiasts can follow the film trail in Arrowtown while enjoying the picturesque shops and street scenes of this former gold rush town.
Almost every town provides campsites or areas for campervans, that come with power sockets. They charge about 1,000 Baht per night (newzealand.com/camping). There are also parking places for around 200 cars, as well as a range of accommodation, provided by the Department of Conservation. (doc.govt.nz )

A walk in Middle Earth, the Hobbit village

Stroll around taking photos in Middle Earth; the imaginary kingdom of author JRR Tolkien. You’ll find all the locations used in the epic films by New Zealand director Peter Jackson.

Jackson chose a sheep farm in the beautiful town of Matamata as the location for Hobbiton. He transformed it into the home of the hobbits which was depicted at the beginning of the two movies, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. An pub called the Green Dragon was also created to serve cold drinks for visitors, as well.

Touring around the Hobbiton Village is easy.Jjust follow the path, while listening to the guide and stop to take some fun photos. It is such a relaxing and charming journey of the imagination. The farm has become a tourist attraction that draws a large number of tourists and is maintained to make it look as if hobbits actually live there still! www.hobbitontours.com

Walk on air and explore the largest plant species in the world

The Redwoods Forest Tree Walk will take you through a stand of California redwood trees planted in Rotorua, a town on the Northern Island of New Zealand. This has become a touristic and educational attraction accessible by all members of the family.

A sturdy suspended walkway ten meters above the ground brings tourists under the shade of the largest plant species in the world. The Redwoods here are over a hundred years old and their trunks are so big that it takes 4 or 5 people to be able to embrace them. The tallest tree is approximately 72 meters tall, rising majestically from the forest floor covered with ferns.
As you pass along the tree walk, there are 22 signposts that tell you about the different plant species. The walking distance is about 500 meters, taking about half an hour. From November to March, it is also open during the evenings so that visitors can experience the exotic colours of the forest under the decorative lights.

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